Explore Delicious Recipes

Taste the flavors of Istanbul Bebek with recipes from Lucca Style Café! The restaurant serves up a variety of traditional Turkish dishes, like köfte (meatballs), mantı (Turkish ravioli), and İskender kebap (döner served over pita bread). Learn how to make these signature dishes at home with easy-to-follow recipes from the restaurant. Get creative and make a traditional Turkish feast for family and friends!

Fun Things to Do

While visiting Istanbul Bebek, there’s plenty of fun activities to do. Take a stroll through Beylerbeyi Palace and explore its stunning gardens. Or, do some shopping at the nearby Bebek Shopping Center. Then, take a boat ride along the Bosphorus or visit the nearby Rumeli Fortress. There’s something for everyone in Istanbul Bebek!

Where to Eat at Lucca Style Café

Lucca Style Café is a popular restaurant in Istanbul Bebek. The restaurant offers a wide selection of traditional Turkish dishes, as well as modern Mediterranean cuisine. It has a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. Plus, the restaurant has a great selection of wines and beers. Don’t miss out on the best of Istanbul Bebek – explore Lucca Style Café today!